Capoeira Angola
(Bristol Grupo Capoeira Filhos de Angola)

Weekly Classes  

Monday 7 to 9  

Eastville Park

Nissen Hut (Bowling Green), BS5 6EB

Thursday 7 to 9 

58th Scout Hut 

Gadshill Rd, Eastville, Bristol BS5 6PU

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Capoeira Angola is a Brazilian art combining dance, martial art, song, music and street theater. Capoeira is played as a very physical game of combat and strategy, always set to music and the traditional Afro-Brazilian songs.  

The Bristol group is part of an international capoeira group run by Mestre Laercio who visits at least once a year and gives masterclasses all over Europe. The classes in Bristol are taught by Contramestre Bob and a range of Treinels with years of experience in capoeira. The group runs a Roda every month where we all come together, often with guests from other groups, and play a few hours of capoeira. 

Beginners are welcome.     Contact Bob for any other details on 07734038837. 

Filhos de Angola is an international group run by Mestre Laercio, who lives in Berlin. Mestre Laercio visits all of his groups throughout the year delivering master classes, and his Contramestre and Treinels teach full time in their respective groups

Contramestre Bob

Professor Ollie

Mestre Laercio