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Dmac Unlocked  Phase 1

 Dmac UK has received support from 'Sports England's 'Tackling Inequalities Fund' to bring the local community 6 FREE creative courses.  We called the project 'Dance Music Arts Unlocked'. It was aimed at  helping people get their creativity flowing again post-lockdown.
The free classes, enabled people to try out new dance forms or get back to doing what they loved. The online classes could be taken from the comfort of peoples home, we suggested they invited a friend or relative to try it out with them and have fun learning together. And there were 'in person' classes, so people could start to get out the house and reconnect with being in a group of people.
Dmac will supported, the community in doing activities again, trying new classes, taking up new hobbies, or going back to ones they missed with the safety and support of caring considerate facilitators.
Classes were:
Introduction to Bollywood Dance delivered by Aanchal Gupta.  7th June, Online live Zoom classes.

Indigenous Storytelling delivered by //Kabbo Ferdinand. 23rd June. In person classes.

African Dance, delivered by Rubba supported by drummer Richard Davis. Starting July,    In person classes, 

Afro Fusion delivered by Kenzi Ireland.  August. These are 'POD' classes (Pre-recorded Online Dance Classes).

Cubatone delivered by Alain Hernandez. August, also POD classes.

Vital Beats delivered by    Kirby and Chloë Rose Laing.   September, In person classes, 


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